The Public Health Department advises that the COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all people in Stage 1 (Group A, B & C) of the National Vaccination Plan. Availability of vaccines remains exceedingly constrained worldwide in the face of huge pressures on health services because of people falling ill with COVID-19 disease.  However, the Governor, Mr Martyn Roper, OBE, has confirmed that the UK will be sending a further 9,750 doses on the British Airways flight arriving on 28 th January and is making arrangements for a third delivery in February.“The vaccines arriving later this month will be used for the second dose for persons who have received their first dose,” said Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Lee. “We are monitoring continuously the quantities available and will open up the various stages according to our supply.”“The uptake of the vaccine has been very positive with many persons eager to get protected from the virus,” said Medical Officer of Health, Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez. “We ask that persons wait until their stage and group are opened to come forward so that we can ensure our most vulnerable have access to the vaccine.”Public Health has also been providing vaccines to home care patients, as they are vulnerable to the virus. Patients receiving home care from a private physician can contact Public Health to arrange a vaccination to be administered in their homes.“I’d like to thank all of the Public Health nurses and other staff at the HSA who have pulled together to launch this vaccination campaign throughout our community and the Sister Islands”, said Dr Lee. “They have done an amazing job so far, and I know it has involved a great deal of hard work and long days”.Dr Williams added, “Now that we have opened up vaccinations to all of stage 1, individuals aged 60 and over, and persons with conditions such as heart, lung or kidney disease or a weakened immune system are now eligible for the vaccination. Our nurses determine eligibility for those receiving the vaccines and some persons have been turned away and asked that they return during their appropriate stage. We are keeping some reserves for anyone in Stage 1 who has not been able to access the vaccine during this initial campaign.  We have also found that the five dose vials we have been sent often provide for six doses, which is increasing the numbers we are able to reach; this is in line with supplies around the world.”Public Health will continue to provide the vaccination to any person on island who falls under Stage 1, Group A, B & C. Stage 1, Group A
  • Residents and staff of institutional facilities
  • Individuals aged 70+
  • Healthcare workers and first responders
  • All frontline staff dealing with incoming travellers
Stage 1, Group B
  • Adults 60+ or with a relevant health status (ie: heart, lung or kidney disease or a weakened immune system)
Stage 1, Group C
  • Workers essential to Government continuity
Persons receiving the vaccine must wear a facemask, present a Government photo ID and sign the COVID-19 vaccine consent form. The form is available at or .For persons attending the COVID Vaccine Clinic at the Cayman Islands Hospital, please park in the Seventh Day Adventist Church adjacent to A&E.Sister Islands residents in Stage 1 who would like to receive the vaccine, please call 925-1190.  



NATIONAL VACCINATION PLAN To learn more about the vaccine visit: *Schedule subject to change.