The COVID-19 vaccine booster (3 dose) is now available to persons who are clinically vulnerable. For example, individuals 12+ years and older with:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Autoimmune diseases or compromised/weakened immune system
  • Asthma
  • Down’s syndrome (adults)
  • Severe mental illness
  • People on immunosuppression therapies
  • People with solid organ transplants
  • Pregnant women
The booster remains available to all persons aged 40 and over, teachers and school staff, healthcare workers, uniformed services and clinically vulnerable. As a reminder, persons must have received their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine six months prior to getting the booster shot (third dose). Persons 60 years and over are strongly encouraged to get the booster shot if they have received their second dose more than 6 months ago, as it provides additional protection against the virus. The 1 st & 2 nd dose is available at the COVID-19 vaccination clinic to anyone 12 years and older (parental consent required for 12-17 year olds).The public is reminded not to attend vaccine clinics if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms in interest of the safety of staff and the fellow community. The Flu Clinic at the Cayman Islands Hospital is available Monday – Friday 8am – 11pm & Saturdays 10am - 6pm for persons with flu symptoms.  The Flu Clinic in Cayman Brac is open 9am – 3pm at the Aston Rutty Centre. Vaccine Clinics in Cayman Brac will take place on Wednesdays & Fridays 2-4pm at the Aston Rutty Centre, Medical Wing. For the most up to date vaccination schedule visit   GENERAL VACCINE INFO
  • Vaccines are available to persons 12 years and older
  • Parental consent required for children 12-17 years old
  • When receiving your 2nd or 3rd dose, you MUST also bring along your vaccination card or present your digital vaccination certificate reflecting your previous doses
  • 3rd dose must be administered at least six (6) months after your 2nd dose
  • The date on your vaccination card for the 2nd dose is the earliest that is recommended
  • All persons must present photo identification showing date of birth
  • Facemask required – Please bring your own.
  • Do NOT laminate your vaccination card
Persons interested in receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine are asked to contact the Flu Hotline by phone (1-800-534-8600 or 947-3077) or by email at . Digital COVID vaccine records with QR code are available on the MyHSA Patient Portal. For more information on the Portal or to sign up online, please visit .  If you have any discrepancies in your vaccination record, please submit your enquiry at