(Please note updated schedule here https://www.hsa.ky/news_events/select-households-in-quarantine-to-take-part-in-lateral-flow-test-pilot/)Public Health will be testing students, their households and teachers related to COVID-19 community transmission at the Cayman Islands Hospital COVID-19 Testing Clinic according to the schedule below. Only students, their households and teachers will be tested.   This does not affect households where there is a positive case where these households must follow the guidance from the Public Health Department. All persons are reminded to wear a mask. Your child should sit next to you and maintain social distance from other families.The Cayman Islands Hospital COVID-19 testing clinic is located to the left of A&E. Parking is available in the Seventh Day Adventist parking lot.After testing, persons are to return to your home.   Household members should remain at home until you receive further instructions from Public Health or the Department of Education.Test results will be emailed directly to persons, however a negative test result does not mean clearance to leave your home, as further instructions will be provided.While in quarantine, if persons in quarantine develop flu symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider or the Flu Hotline. 1-800-534-8600, 345-947-3077 or flu@hsa.ky.