Public Health has changed the COVID-19 PCR test resulting process effective 28th October 2021 and will now be emailing positive and negative test results alike.Due to the increasing number of cases in the community, all positive and negative results will now be sent out automatically to provide more timely results, said Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez, Medical Officer of Health. Previously only negative results were emailed and Public Health nurses physically called each of the positives to notify them and conduct contact tracing.This process will be implemented across HSA, Doctors Hospital and Health City Cayman Islands.Persons testing positive prior to Thursday 28th October will still be directly contacted by Public Health staff to notify of their test result.  We understand this is a stressful and challenging time and ask for the publics continued patience as we work through this transition as we make changes to improve our processes. Together we can get through this. Dr Williams-Rodriguez said.Persons are encouraged to self-quarantine after taking a PCR test until a negative confirmation is received. This Public Health guidance is strongly encouraged.When registering for a PCR test, please use a valid email address to ensure you receive timely results. An incorrect email address will result in a delayed communication of your PCR test result.  Results are usually emailed within 24 hours of your test.Persons can book a free COVID-19 appointment online or attend the COVID-19 walk-in clinic at the Cayman Islands Hospital 7:30am 12pm Monday Friday.Residents of Cayman Brac can attend the COVID-19 Drive Thru testing at the Aston Rutty Centre Flu Clinic on Thursday 28 October 10am 1pm & Friday 29 October 8:30am 11:30am. Ongoing PCR testing will be available at the Flu Clinic Monday Friday 12 1pm.