The Caring for Life Foundation (CFLF) has raised money in order to donate much needed equipment to the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA). CFLF handed over four sets of laryngoscopes to the HSA maternity ward in January 2013.The life-saving devices were presented to HSA Chief Executive Officer, Lizzette Yearwood, Shannon Hydes, Nurse Manager of Maternity and Dr. Marilyn McIntyre, Head of Child Health.Dr. McIntyre explained the importance of this equipment by stating, The laryngoscopes donated are smaller than what we currently have here in the maternity ward and will be a great asset to the department.These scopes, which have a light at the end, helps elevate the infants tongue so the doctor can see the vocal cords when entering a breathing tube.  We are all very thankful for the Caring for Life Foundation for these generous donations Dr. McIntyre stated.Each of the laryngoscopes consists of four elements: lighted scope, battery pack, inflation valve line and balloon pump.Representatives present from the Caring for Life Foundation present included Wil Pineau, Christine Mathews, Richard Hew and Kim Remizowski.The Caring for Life Foundation is a community-driven charity that is raising funds for needed equipment and supplies to ensure that our healthcare system can respond medical care is needed. For further information about the Caring for Life Foundation, please visit