(Updated 3/8/2021) The Public Health Department reminds persons travelling to the UK that the requirement for a letter of certification from Public Health, and a vaccination certificate issued in the Cayman Islands, is limited to passengers arriving in England via: the Bahamas, the United States, Canada, Jamaica, or any other amber list country.The same requirements are in place across the British Overseas Territories.Letters of certification may be requested from the Office of the Medical Officer of Health by emailing vaccinecertification@hsa.ky vaccinecertification@hsa.ky , attaching a copy of their vaccination card, as a screen shot attached to the email request.All requests will take three business days to process. Applicants are asked to take this time into account when submitting their requests prior to travel. In addition, letters will only be issued within three weeks of a persons date of travel.As letters of certification are unnecessary for passengers travelling on direct flights from the Cayman Islands to the UK, the Medical Officer of Health will issue no letters outside of the circumstances described above. *Contact email updated to vaccinecertification@hsa.ky vaccinecertification@hsa.ky vaccinecertification@hsa.ky as of 3/8/2021. If a request has already been sent, there is no need to re-apply as these will be processed. (GIS)