Please read the information for applicants below before you fill in the Freedom of Information Application form.

This form has been designed to assist people in gaining access to records held by the Cayman Islands Government.

What is Freedom of Information?

The Freedom of Information Law, 2007 (FOI Law) gives you the right to request access to records held by government authorities. All public authorities are required to follow a statutory process with respect to a response to your request and the time frames under the law in assessing your application.

What details should I provide?

Applications for information do not need to be made on a particular form but may be made on this application form if preferred. In accordance with the Freedom of Information (General) Regulations 2008, (FOI Regulations) an application shall include the following:

  • A name;
  • A postal address or e-mail address to which notices and information can be sent;
  • Details of the records, including (if known) the period and/or geographic area to which the information relates; dates relevant to the information needed; the name or other identifying characteristics of the document; and
  • The form of access preferred (e.g. electronic or photocopies).
What can I ask for?

You can ask for records that are held by a Cayman Islands Public Authority. Under the FOI Law a “record” includes: a paper file, microfiche, print out, disk, visual material (maps, plans, and photographs) and audio-visual material.

Do I have to pay?

Under the FOI Law, there is no application fee and no cost to inspect a record. However, the requestor is required to pay for expedited response, physical delivery of the records or for the cost of reproduction of a record, including the cost of converting a record into an alternative form.

The requestor shall be liable to pay a charge in the amount or at the rate fixed by, or in accordance with, the Schedule to the FOI Regulations. Payment by cheque / cash / money order / electronic card is required before copies of the document will be made. Each public authority may specify which forms of payment are accepted and which are not. You will be supplied with a notice of the estimate of the charges if applicable. Processing and access charges may be waived for applicants at the discretion of the Chief or Principal Officer (e.g. financial hardship).

Processing of Application

You will receive acknowledgment of receipt of your application 10 calendar days after receipt by the public authority. A decision will be made within 30 calendar days of receipt unless an extension is authorised of an additional 30 calendar days. If you have indicated that you want your request expedited, you must provide a non-refundable fee of CI $50 and a reasonable explanation (i.e. the records are needed for judicial proceedings, or proof that it will affect life, liberty or public safety/health) as outlined in the FOI Regulations. If your request for expedition is granted you will receive the records in 10 calendar days.

For more information, including specific fees, and to see a list of public authorities and Information Managers please visit

Freedom of Information (FOI) Form

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